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We're for the weekend warriors

Adventurers and adrenaline junkies who are out to push their limits.

And when you push it just a bit too far, our products will get you up and running again. Ready for round two.

Our products

JPEG_JM_Neutron_Components_0003 (1).jpg

Things don't always go to plan.

Whether it's a broken chain or a skinned elbow, our products will get you out of trouble and back on your bike.

From our customers

Very Impressed
Friend fell off had to get ambulance kit had everything need for basic first aid strapped to bike nicely out of the way

Hannah T.

"Well-designed and almost complete toolkit to carry right on the bike. It actually works better than other multi-tools (magnetic attachment of the driver bits is brilliant) and is nicer to hold in the hand"

Ed H.

Great little kit
Really appreciate having the duct tape included, and the space for a few custom items. Great idea, that's well done.

Murray T.

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